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The Eyes Say Everything

Class Description

Makeup: The Eyes Say Everything is a hands-on course covering the necessary elements of eye makeup for various situations, techniques, and looks.

Class Objectives

Class participants will learn how to:

a. Building and Blending

b. Daytime Makeup - "No Makeup" Look

c. Daytime Makeup - Basic/ Office

d. Evening/ Classy Makeup

e. Sexy Time Makeup

f. Smokey Undereyes

Necessary Items

a. Eye Makeup Brushes $7

b. Eye Makeup Palette with a variety of colors (pictured Right $20, Lower Right $15)

c. Mirror

d. Makeup Remover

The $15 palette is tested and preferred for this class, though the most important thing is the range in colors and that they are powder based.


If necessary, all of these items can be purchased from the links below, from Ulta on the Shopping Trip, or from Lindsay if prepaid in cash before the Shopping Trip.

$7 Brushes

$15 Eye Makeup Palette

$20 Eye Makeup Palette

$2 Makeup Remover

About the Instructor

Lindsay Richmond is a 28 year old transwoman and  professional videographer and film producer who has been trained in makeup for film and prides herself on her presentation and appearance.

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