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THIS IS OUR FAREWELL MOMENT: Sex is not part of our events, this is not a play party. This is our end of weekend farewell moment to say our last goodbyes before we all go home the next day


WHO'S INVITED: Those presenting as female (including cisfemales) and transmen.  NO CISMEN ALLOWED (Sorry boys, you'll just have to imagine the pillow fights)

WHEN: Midnight Saturday night until whenever.

WHERE: Tactic Room (Hospitality Suite)

DRESSCODE: Girls, break out the nighties and lingerie, NO FLEECE OR FLANNEL ALLOWED. Trans gentlemen are permitted to wear pajamas. Wear a cover up to and from the party

This activity is a social event, so BYOB if desired.  If requested you will be escorted to and from your room.  Please find Hanna or Lindsay at the event, sign up at the Sign-In table, or email us here to receive an escort.

RULES: There is NO sexual exposure/ contact allowed at the pajama party including between consenting or married partners... you may, however, leave and return at will.

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