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THIS IS OUR FAREWELL MOMENT: Sex is not part of our events, this is not a play party. This is our end of weekend farewell moment to say our last goodbyes before we all go home the next day


WHO'S INVITED: Those presenting as female (including cisfemales) and transmen.  NO CISMEN ALLOWED (Sorry boys, you'll just have to imagine the pillow fights)

WHEN: Midnight Saturday night until whenever.

WHERE: Tactic Room (Hospitality Suite)

DRESSCODE: Girls, break out the nighties and lingerie, NO FLEECE OR FLANNEL ALLOWED. Trans gentlemen are permitted to wear pajamas. Wear a cover up to and from the party

This activity is BYOB and toys are allowed.  If requested you will be escorted to and from your room.  Please find Hanna or Lindsay at the event, sign up at the Sign-In table, or email us here to receive an escort.

RULES: There is NO sexual exposure/ contact allowed at the pajama party including between consenting or married partners... you may, however, leave and return.

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