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FREE... but you will probably want a room, some food, and a few drinks while you're here... or a lot of drinks. Some services will be available in-house and we insist that our service providers provide them at a reasonable rate, but as far as an entry fee, this is a labor of love, so we do not charge for attending any of our events.



The Best Western Saddleback Inn and Conference Center is a short drive from Will Rogers World Airport and not far from our railroad and bus stations.  They also provide an airport shuttle to get you to the hotel and back up to 3 miles.As for getting around after you've had a few to drink, luckily you are still within Ubering distance of the Strip, however, we encourage our guests to stay at the venue, we will have bars set up for you to purchase from.


Through our Forum we offer a place for you to connect with other individuals who are near you or near the same route to help you make it to the event.  However, all negotiations pertaining to rules or payment, is up to you, and you do so at your own risk... your travel arrangements are YOUR responsibility.



While there are plenty of wonderful hotels in Oklahoma City, and, as a rule, most are more concerned about what's in your purse than what's in your pants, we recommend lodging at the Best Western Saddleback Inn and Conference Center.  You will find that the Saddleback has plenty of amenities, including bars, a heated pool, a hot tub, and more. If you need to make other lodging arrangements for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us, so we will help you find a nearby LGBT-friendly hotel.


The Best Western Saddleback is a LGBT+ friendly venue. It is safe and super discreet, and has a restaurant (newly renovated), a heated pool, a bar, and an adult novelty shop around the corner, the LGBT district is just an Uber away. You may check-in as a t-girl or t-man, and remain fully feminine or masculine, the entire time on premises and when in our LGBT district, where you will be fully accepted for who you are,  without question. The Saddleback allows smoking in designated areas and is pet friendly.

For reservations, call 405-528-2221. Please inform them that you are with our event and request a room near Suite 202, our Hospitality Suite.


The District Hotel has security personnel who continually patrol the complex and do a very good job, but if you feel unsafe going anywhere, call the Hospitality Suite or ask another girl or two to go with you. The hostesses will always be willing to escort you back to your room, if you ask.  Remember, there is safety in numbers! As with going anywhere in public and staying in your room, please be mindful to keep any valuables secured and out of sight.


Everyone.  If you are TG, TS, TV, CD, GQ, Drag, or somewhere in between, you're welcome here.  If you're MtF, FtM or even unsure about that, you're welcome here.  If you are someone who supports, loves, enjoys to hang out with, or are admirers of any of these groups, you are welcome here.  The only people who are not welcome, are those who are opposed to our existence, and those who think t-girls are fantasy porn stars. 


Sign-in with us at the social that starts at 6:30pm on Friday and Saturday evenings, listed in the schedule. If you arrived Thursday, check in with our hostesses at 7pm in the Lounge. If you need to talk to us, you can generally find us in Suite 202, our Hospitality Suite, any time after 5pm on Friday.  If nobody is there, you can find our Schedule on this site and can use it to find us nearby.


This is YOUR weekend, have fun with it!  Obviously in public we all have to keep ourselves appropriately covered in accordance to our gender identity. Thursday and Friday are casual, Saturday evening is a little more glam.  For outings beyond the "gayborhood" such as the shopping trip, we encourage you to dress in something season appropriate and with flat shoes (Mary Janes, flip flops, tennis shoes, whatever fits your style). The rule is, wear what makes you feel comfortable, and pretty in. This is not a beauty contest. There is a dress code for the Pajama Party, which is nighties or lingerie only; no pajama pants, flannel or footie pajamas or anything other than nighties or lingerie. Robes optional. If you need an escort to and from the Pajama Party, call suite 202 and we will be happy to walk with you. Keep in mind that the Pajama Party is not a play party!  Any manner of sexual activity or intentional exposure is against our rules.


With all of the places listed in our locations list (the places we will be frequenting) please feel free to use the facilities in accordance to your presented gender.  For those who don't identify as either gender just go where you feel comfortable.


First and foremost, we don't DO "speakers" or lectures.  For many of us, this is a vacation of sorts, and we don't want to spend it being subjected to "death by slides"... this isn't to say we don't bring experts in from various fields at some of our events; they are just asked to let you help guide the discussion so you get what YOU want to get from it.


Of course not!  If you like, you can hang out in your room all weekend... of course, getting out and about is a lot more fun! If you would more comfortable hanging out or sitting with one of the members of our staff, please ask... we welcome it, because we want to make sure your stay is as anxious free as possible!  Everyone was the "new girl" once, so we get it.


Yes and no.  The Girls Night Out Events are generally a good deal smaller and last one day. The Fall Party and Spring Soiree are much larger, around 140 ladies, last an entire three day weekend (or for some, a full week), and feature things that we normally would not be able to feature, such as organized trips, workshops, transportation, and a much more diverse group of personalities from all over the United States and several countries.


Sex is not an event we have at our parties, to include no sex at our Pajama Party. We have too many first time out t-girls, too many first time here t-girls, and females who come; plus our events are designed for those who want to discover their femininity (MtF t-girls), or masculinity (FtM t-men), in a non-sexual way, so having wild orgies is not conducive to that. However, we are all adults, we all have private rooms, and we are at an LGBT owned and staffed hotel, so we am sure that does go on. You must understand that not all of us dress for sex or seek others for intimacy while at our events. We respect that, and ask that you do too.


We do have a few, sensible rules we ask you to follow, please read them here.


Please RSVP by sending us a message from this web page regarding your attendance, or by emailing Hanna at, so we can determine how many we need to plan on dinner seating and other space requirements.


If you have any questions before the event, contact Hanna Olsen, our hostess, at, and she will be happy to reply. If you have questions during the event, call or come by our Hospitality Suite, Suite 202, or if at one of our activities, ask for Hanna. 

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